10 years of experience for the benefit of the environment.

The ecological challenge is multifaceted and now calls for urgent and concrete responses.

Kertalg is an engineering office that brings transversal expertise to environmental issues in order to offer 360° solutions in terms of energy transition.
Kertalg is one of the rare European actors to be part of a local environmental approach, in order to treat and give value to waste as close as possible to their place of production.

Beyond that, Kertalg offers solutions that are 100% organic, using bacteria and microalgae as the only tools. Kertalg systems reduce CO2 emissions while producing resources (energy, water and fertilizers) from an inexhaustible deposit: biowaste.

Kertalg works with bio-waste producers (farmers and wine growers, food processing industries, local authorities, hotel resorts) and complementary experts (town planners, landscapers & architects) in the context of regional planning operations, major real estate projects or the development of environmental territorial plans.

Key success factors, the responsiveness of our team and the collaborative mode in which it operates are particularly sought after by our clients and partners.

To guarantee sustainable solutions, Kertalg recommends processes that always combine ecology and economy, and mobilizes all the technical, creative and open-minded skills of its team.