Wastewater treatment

After an initial screening treatment, the wastewater is treated by a membrane bioreactor (MBR) that couples the biological action of the bacteria with the physical action of membrane separation.

The water leaving the MBR is treated and can be reused for irrigation and road cleaning.

Biowaste treatment

Organic waste is methanized.
Methanisation is a technology that consists, through different stages of anaerobic digestion, of converting the organic matter contained in the waste into energy (electrical and/or thermal) and a digestate.

Microalgae production

Microalgae are produced in photobioreactors that take the form of closed glass tubes (tubular PBRs).
Microalgae, photosynthetic organisms, grow using light energy allowing them to fix atmospheric carbon, a strong greenhouse gas, and convert it into biomass.

A French biotechnology
for transforming waste into resources:

Clean water, energy, compost and biostimulant.