10 years of experience
for the benefit of the environment

The ecological challenge is multifaceted and now calls for urgent and concrete responses.

Kertalg is an engineering office that brings transversal expertise to environmental issues in order to offer 360° solutions in terms of energy transition.
Kertalg is one of the rare European actors to be part of a local environmental approach, in order to treat and give value to waste as close as possible to their place of production.

Beyond that, Kertalg offers solutions that are 100% organic, using bacteria and microalgae as the only tools. Kertalg systems reduce CO2 emissions while producing resources (energy, water and fertilizers) from an inexhaustible deposit: biowaste.

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General issue

With a constantly growing population, the earth depletes its resources as needs grow. Drinking water is becoming a scarce commodity and waste is accumulating. A change of perspective is necessary: waste (wastewater and bio-waste) must be seen as deposits of raw material and not as a load to be eliminated.
For example, in France, the use of food waste as an energy source would avoid the emission of the equivalent of 15.5 million tonnes of CO2.

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Technological solutions

The technology

The Kertalg system integrates 3 technical units:
• le the membrane bioreactor that recycles wastewater,
• le the anaerobic digester that recovers organic waste,
• and a photobioreactor that transforms the digestate into a biostimulant called ALPHYBIOS.

It is a very flexible system that can transform 200kg to 50T of organic waste per day.

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